Decal installation is easy.  To get started you will need a few items though.

     1. Tape measure

     2. Window Cleaner (ammonia based works best, non citrus/no additivies)

     3. Papertowels

     4. Tape (blue painters tape works best)

     5. Plastic Squegee of some sort ( I have used a credit card for smaller decals)

  • Step 1

    Clean your object thoroughly!  Make sure it is dry before you start.

    First you will want to measure and tape up your sign.  Once you have it taped take a step back and look at it to make sure it is where you want it.  Note!.. Be sure to measure the sign itself and not the backing as it is not always cut straight. 

    Step 2

    Once you have your sign where you want it Put a layer of tape across the top of the sign and the object that you are placing it on (this should create a hinge). 

    Step 3

    If you have a large sign this is where you want to cut in between the letters allowing you to work in smaller sections.  Just cut from the bottom all the way to the tape making sure to keep it taped to the object you are applying it to. 

    Step 4

    Begin peeling your sign away from the first section.  Peel from the bottom up all the way to the tape, once you get to the tape the backing of the sign should pull right out, be careful not to pull too hard, if you have to lift up more.  Pay close attention to not drop the decal on the window here, once it is stuck it is stuck.

    Step 5

    Use your Squegee to apply your lettering or logo to the object.  Start from the top down always keeping the lettering tight in one hand and pushing down with the Squegee.   

    Step 6 

    Repeat Steps 4 and 5 if you had to cut your sign.

    Step 7

    You now have your decal on your object.  Take this time to work the Squegee over the sign paying close attention to the smaller images like the dots on the i's.


    Step 8

    Pull the transfer tape off of the object leaving only your decal.  To do this start from the top and work your way down at an angle.  Pull slowly, if part of your decal starts to come off you can hold it down while you pull and the rest should stay NOTE:....If you cleaned your object properly you should not have an issue with the decal not sticking.